Stranger of Paradise Gameplay Showcased in Battle Basics Video

While the final Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin trailer focused on the story, the new Battle Basics one is all about gameplay. Square Enix released a new look at how the game works. This is a more informational one focused on Jack’s capabilities. It also helps explains how to deal with enemies and use different jobs.

Things kick off by introducing Jack. He’s fighting with Ash, Jed, Neon, and Sophia. It shows off the action-RPG gameplay first. It shows how Jack might be fighting alongside two allies and deal with monsters twice as large as they are. As they attack, an enemy’s break gauge will wear down. When it does, they can combine that with a Soul Burst to shatter them. There will also be Command Ability special skills that can deal additional damage or offer various perks. After that, the video shows how Jack can use a Soul Shield to defend. The segment specifically shows how the move lets him steal enemy magic to use against them.

After general gameplay, the video focuses on Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin jobs work. The Swordsman, Lancer, Ronin, Duelist, Mage, Swordfighter, Marauder, and Pugilist all get highlighted here. When you choose a job, you can also set your combo abilities for it to customize your attacks and moveset.

Finally, the end of the video brings up how Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin multiplayer works. Each player gets individual spoils of war. People can go through the main campaign and special or endgame content with others.



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