[20220222] SEVENTEEN’s Dino Shares His Thoughts About The Importance Of Healthy Habits

Dino, the youngest member of SEVENTEEN, recently participated in a photo shoot with Elle!

This pictorial features Dino’s various charms, and fans are able to get a good look at his serious, passionate, and playful sides. This is his first solo beauty pictorial, and his dewy skin that shines from any angle attracts attention.

The reason why Dino starred in this beauty pictorial is because of the beauty item he recommended with affection. Previously, he recommended fans to use the Bioderma PP Balm. That became a hot topic, which led to him being chosen for this photo shoot.

In the interview, Dino talked about healthy habits. Recently, he has been taking care of his skin as well as steadily exercising and making healthy eating choices. He commented, “As I changed my lifestyle habits one by one, I felt really healthy. Ever since then, I don’t forget to regularly take care of [my health].” Then he added that he plans to continue his healthy lifestyle.

Dino’s full interview and photo shoot will be in the March edition of Elle magazine.


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