Here’s why the Acclaimed Jackass forever landed its age rating.

There are some moments in cinema that you not only watch but feel.

Well, in the case of the Jackass movies, you pretty much feel every moment for the entire hour and a half or so.

Back in 2002, the cast of the daredevil TV show collaborated on Jackass: The Movie and achieved stardom like never before. Since then, we have seen two more instalments and a spin-off.

Now, against all odds – and ageing – the boys are back in town for the fourth rodeo of wild stunts and gross-out ordeals.

It’s finally here, but before you flock to check it out, you may need to know the Jackass Forever age rating…

Jackass Forever is rated 18 in the UK and has received an R in the US.

As noted by the British Board of Film Classification, the fourth entry in the franchise was given an 18 rating due to crude, dangerous stunts and nudity.

If you want to learn specific details you can head over to the BBFC website; we won’t outline specific reasons here as they delve into spoiler territory.

For those familiar with the series, on the other hand, this film also contains full-frontal male nudity, which the BBFC explains is presented in a “comic, non-sexual context.”

In the US, the Motion Picture Association (MPA) gave the movie an R for strong crude material, dangerous stunts, graphic nudity and language throughout.

Needless to say, the extremity of the stunts featured in the film warrants the high age rating.

The last Jackass movie besides spin-offs – Jackass 3D – was released over a decade ago and some fans were surprised to see the cast finally reunite for more mayhem after all of this time.

However, during a conversation with The Guardian, director Jeff Tremaine revealed that while there’s always a right time for another Jackass movie, perhaps now, in particular, makes more sense:

“Listen, it’s never not funny to see someone else get hit in the nuts. There’s a certain cultural moment with Jackass, and it went away for a few years, but TikTok’s got a big thing for physical comedy, YouTube’s all about elaborate pranks. It never goes away.”

The hype surrounding the film on social media is undeniable, with the majority of reviews signalling that this is the triumphant return that fans have been patiently waiting for.


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